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This concept of neuro-linguistic programming was introduced in the 1970s by a group of psychologists who were studying successful people in order to analyze human behavior. the origins of neuro linguistic programming describes or considered styles of language, brain patterns, and how words and actions are linked together to form certain programs or sequences of behavior. Nero is to do with neurology, all of our experience is a product of the way we use and organize our senses. This is where all our behavior stems from. Linguistic means how we use the language in order to organize our thoughts so…

Neuro Linguistic
Neuro Linguistic

The programming Neuro Linguistic , or NLP, is a particular method of communication , which is associated with a system of life coaching and also counseling through a network of affiliates now widely distributed around the world as written on ‘’

in addition, ‘’, added as well, The system was conceived about years ago , in the United States , starting from the conviction of the presence of an important connection between the neurological processes of each person: language , the main communication tool of human beings, and the behaviors that are instead learned through experience.

To avoid any kind…

Does NLP work?
Does NLP work?

NLP is based on the use of a series of techniques that aim to change neurological processes and replace those that cause psychological problems. Neuro-linguistic programming arises from the idea that each individual has the possibility of knowing external reality only through a few senses. From these perceptions and from his own experience he creates a personal and limited map of reality. By modifying these perceptions, according to NLP, through different visualization techniques, it is possible to change those processes that cause negative emotions.

Treated with NLP?

According to experts in NLP, this model would be able to overcome various…

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Effects on life and Work
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Effects on life and Work

Let’s start by specifying that the definition of NLP as a “model” is not accidental: it differs from a theory because it tries to answer the question of “why” a system works, while a model (in this case NLP) tries to explain “how” it works.


It all started in California in the years ‘ 70 , from the insights of two scholars: John Grinder , a brilliant linguist and Richard Bandler , a student at the time of psychology , in charge of transcribing the sessions of therapist Fritz Perl (founder of Gestalt psychology). Aware of…

What is NLP — Neuro-Linguistic Programming
What is NLP — Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The central idea of ​​NLP is that the totality of the individual interacts in its components (“language”, “beliefs” and “physiology”) in creating percepts with certain qualitative and quantitative characteristics, the individual interpretation of this structure means the world. By modifying the meanings through a transformation of the perceptual structure (called the map, that is the symbolic universe of reference), the person can undertake changes in attitude and behavior. The perception of the world, and consequently the response to it, can be modified by applying appropriate techniques of change.

NLP therefore has among its aims the objective of developing successful habits…

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NLP or benefits of neuro linguistic programming represents a powerful tool for the business sector, which when put at the service of business, can yield significant benefits that have already been applied by different specialists.

what are the benefits of neuro linguistic programming

Quality Relationships

It enables the construction of quality relationships with colleagues and partners, exchanging conflict for cooperation. It makes the reactions to the environment more flexible, leading us to an action that is adapted to the key factors of business competitiveness. …


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